Joy Lachica

Peterborough, ON City Councillor for Town Ward

Create new & affordable housing solutions for all, retrofitting & repurposing aged buildings.

Get more housing units of all types and sizes built and retro-fitted in the Central Area so that more people can buy and rent, live in walkable and connected neighbourhoods, and reinvigorate our hollowed-out downtown

Actively engage with the province, the private sector and community partners to mobilize the tools and resources to make this happen quickly with positive community impact, including a requirement for affordable units and public place-making spaces.

“If we had a bylaw requiring 20% of new builds to be affordable, it would make communities stronger.”

Trout in Plaid via Twitter 2022-05-03

Our places of living and working, and even our patterns of shopping, have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like so many cities, our downtown has been hollowed out by the loss of the office spaces, workers, and daily rhythms that were the foundation of its economic, social, and cultural vitality.

This plan is good for housing, it’s good for reinvigorating our downtown economic, social and cultural vitality, and it’s especially good for generating highest-value tax revenue to fund better city services and capital projects. 

Support prioritizing public investment in affordable housing and seeing through the benefits of this public investment for those that are under-housed, ensuring safe, liveable, and attractive neighbourhoods.